How to Use the built-in Snap Windows feature on your Windows 11

Published on Aug. 22, 2023, 12:14 p.m.

Using Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can use multiple apps at once on your screen. You can pin apps to the sides.

How to Split the Screen on Windows

To use two apps at the same time on your screen.

To use a keyboard to split your screen, then when you’re inside the first app, press Windows+Left Arrow to pin the app to the left of your screen. Press Windows+Right Arrow to press the app on the right of his screen.

Later, to exit out of split-screen mode, click the “Restore Down . It’ll maximize the app, bringing it out.

How to Split the Screen on Windows 11

If you’re on Windows 11, you can use the same method as above. Additionally, you can use the built-in Snap Windows feature.

First, enable the feature by heading to the Settings > System > Multitasking and toggling on the “ Snap Windows” option.

When press Windows+Z on the keyboard. In your screen’s top-right corner, you’ll see various screen layout options.

It will then ask you to pick other apps to fill in the remaining spots.