2021-06-17 记事

2021-06-17 记事

Focal Loss的定义

理论定义:Focal Loss可以看作是一个损失函数,它使容易分类的样本权重降低,而对难分类的样本权重增加。


result = df.to_json(orient=”records”) parsed = json.loads(result) json.dumps(parsed, indent=4)
[ { “col 1”: “a”, “col 2”: “b” }, { “col 1”: “c”, “col 2”: “d” } ]


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● #Pytorch Lightning



● Fastai

● github主题

● pytorch-lightning

● 笔记本

● 学习资源

● PyTorch Tutorial

PyTorch Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers

● Notebooks using the Hugging Face libraries hugs

● 可以借鉴

● NN Template Generic template to bootstrap your PyTorch project. Click on  and avoid writing boilerplate code for:

● lightning-hydra-template

Deep Learning project template best practices with Pytorch Lightning, Hydra, Tensorboard.

My repo for training neural nets using pytorch-lightning and hydra

● keras官方示例

● 模型优化压缩

● 蒸馏资源

● net2net 具有条件可逆神经网络的网络到网络转换​

● Knowledge Distillation Toolkit

This toolkit allows you to compress a machine learning model using knowledge distillation. To use this toolkit, you need to provide a teacher model, a student model, data loaders for training and validation, and an inference pipeline. This toolkit is based on PyTorch and PyTorch Lightning , so teacher and student models need to be PyTorch neural network modules, and data loaders need to be PyTorch data loaders.