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How To Create a Countdown Timer Using Python?

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To create a countdown timer in Python , you can use the time module to track the elapsed time and the sleep() function to add a delay between each second. Here’s an example of how to create a countdown timer in Python console:

import time

# Get the countdown time from the user
seconds = int(input("Enter the number of seconds to countdown: "))

# Count down from the specified time
for i in range(seconds, 0, -1):

# Display "Time's up!" after the countdown is finished
print("Time's up!")

In this example, we use the time module to create the countdown timer loop. We first prompt the user to input the length of the countdown timer in seconds using input() function, then use for loop to decrement the seconds and print the remaining time to the console. We use time.sleep() function to add a 1-second delay between each iteration of the loop.

After the loop is finished, we use print() function to display the "Time’s up!" message.

You can modify this code to include a sound alarm or to create a graphical user interface (GUI) countdown timer, depending on your requirements.

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