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How to Check Memory Usage From the Linux Termina

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There are several commands you can use to check memory usage from the Linux terminal. Here are a few examples:

  1. free command – displays the total amount of free and used memory in the system:
free -m

This will display memory information in megabytes.

  1. top command – displays real-time information about processes on the system, including their memory usage:

Press the M key to sort processes by memory usage.

  1. htop command – similar to top, but with a more user-friendly interface:
  1. /proc/meminfo – this is a virtual file system that contains information about memory usage:
cat /proc/meminfo

This will display detailed information about memory usage, including total and available memory.

You can choose the command that best suits your needs. I hope this helps you check memory usage from the Linux terminal!

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