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Windows managers can improve productivity, look, and feel of your desktop. Here are 5 of the most popular ones for your Linux

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A window manager should be helpful if you dabble with multiple active windows on your system.

With a window manager, you can improve not only the productivity but the look and feel of your desktop.

1. bspwm

bspwm desktop screenshot

Bspwm is a lightweight window manager.Bspwm lets you manually choose how new windows get inserted or positioned or set it to automatic mode, where it follows a particular scheme to arrange the windows.

Install bspwm

Type in the following command to get it installed:

sudo apt install bspwm sxhkd

2. Qtile

qtile screenshot

Qtile is a customizable tiling window manager.

It has many features and yet a simple implementation.

Qtile is complete remote scriptability.

Install Qtlie

Run these commands:

pip install xcffib
pip install qtile

3. herbstluftwm

herbstluftwm screenshot

Herbstluftwm is a manual tiling window manager.Not as popular as other options, but a good option for Linux users.

Install herbstluftwm

To install it

sudo apt install herbstluftwm

4. awesome

awesome wm desktop screenshot

Awesome is a quick and configurable window manager.It does require a few dependencies along with the installation process to get things working .

Install awesome

For Ubuntu

sudo apt install awesome

5. IceWM

icewm desktop screenshot

IceWM is one of the oldest windows managers out there.

It has a simple approach that lets you easily use it.By default, it has an app launcher and a taskbar to keep things familiar.

Install IceWM

You can install

sudo apt install icewm

There are various other compositors (Wayland) and window managers like ratpoison that can be interesting to try.

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