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List of the best tools for finding and removing duplicate files in Linux

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Here’s a list of some of the best tools for finding and removing duplicate files in Linux.

1. Fslint

Fslint is a GUI and CLI-based utility.It calls this clutter "lint" and offers multiple tools to help you carry out a multitude of tasks.

Fslint makes it easier for new Linux users to free up their computer storage from all sorts of system lint.

As far as advanced functionality is concerned, the program offers 10 different functionalities.Using these, you can refine the search results to increase your chances.

How to Install fslint

sudo apt install fslint
sudo yum install fslint
sudo dnf install fslint
sudo pacman -S fslint

2. Fdupes

Fdupes is one of the easiest programs.

The program works by using md5sum signature and byte-by-byte comparison verification.If required, you can also perform recursive searches, filter out search results and get a summarized view.

Once you have identified duplicate files in a directory, you can replace them with links to the original file.

Fdupes Installation

sudo apt install fdupes
sudo yum install fdupes
sudo dnf install fdupes
sudo pacman -S fdupes

3. Rdfind

Rdfind is another Linux utility to help you find redundant files on your computer.It relies on comparing files based on their content to identify duplicates.

Besides, rdfind can also calculate checksums.

How to Install rdfind

sudo apt install rdfind
sudo dnf install rdfind

4. DupeGuru

DupeGuru is a cross-platform tool.One of its best characteristics is the option to customize the matching engine to suit your preference.

Talking about functionality, dupeGuru leverages its fuzzy matching algorithm to scan either filenames or file contents.

Plus, it’s also good at dealing with music and picture-specific information.

DupeGuru also lets you destroy duplicate files .Besides deletion, there’s the option to move elsewhere, too.

DupeGuru Installation

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dupeguru/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dupeguru
sudo pacman -S dupeguru

5. Rmlint

Rmlint is yet another lint—and not just duplicate files for Linux.You also get support for the Btrfs storage format.

However, do note that, unlike other tools, rmlint requires some level of understanding to be used effectively.

How to Install rmlint

sudo apt install rmlint
sudo yum install rmlint
sudo dnf install rmlint
sudo pacman -S rmlint
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