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Install ‘Custom clicks for Chrome’ web extension to get a custom mouse in your browser


Today, we spend most of our time surfing the internet on our browsers.

A custom mouse can break the monotony of our daily browse.And getting a custom cursor in Chrome is a walk in the park.All you need do is install one such Chrome extension .

Install the ‘Custom Cursor for Chrome’ Web Extension

Custom Cursor for Chrome is one of the most popular extensions out there.

Custom Cursors for Chrome is a great extension .It is very easy to use.

To install the extension, open the Chrome browser by yourself.Search for the ‘Custom Cursor for Chrome’ web extension.

To install the extension on your browser, you must first hit the ‘Add tochrome’ button.

Setting a Custom Cursor

Navigate to any other website or if you had another website opened in another tab.

Then, clicks the icon ‘s ‘ Extensions ’ from the right of the address bar .

The menu will open.Some cursor packs will be loaded already.The two scrolls in a pack point to the different mouse clicks that will appear when you’re simply browse or when you hover over a hyperlink.Now, to change the cursor, click on the cursor pack .

You’ll be redirect to their website , where new Cursor packs are constantly added .Then, click ‘Add’ on any pack that you would like to add to your collection.

You can upload your own to the extension.

You will be directed to a page where you can upload your custom mouse pictures.

To change the size of the mouse,click the ‘Cursor size’ option from the options on the top-right of the extension menu.

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