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How to use Kmail with Gmail on your Linux


Sending emails via Gmail application is preferred for users.

Luckily , Google offers free POP and IMAP connectivity for users who still want access .

How we configuration the Kmail client with Gmail .

1.Start Kmail and go to Settings -> Configure Kmail.

2.Then we click the Accounts button oppress.

3.Next, we select the Receiving tab by clicking on Add… button .

Here we can choose IMAP or POP.For example, we take POP oppress.

4.In the General Tab, enter an account name and for the Incoming Mail Server, we type as

5.After that, we fill other fields.



6.We will also select the Advanced Tab and select the Leave fetched messages on the server.

7.Connection Settings section, we select “SSL/TLS” encryption.

8.We then clicks the OK button.

Incorrect login details

Normally , these incorrect login details include typing errors such as extra space, etc.

This is the main reason for the authentication error.

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