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How to Connect Ubuntu to Android with KDE Connect

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KDE Connect offers seamless connectivity between Linux System and any other system running Windows, macOS, Android or Linux. KDE Connect is a project that enables all your devices to communicate with each other. hen installed, KDE connect enables you to receive phone notifications, send and receive SMS.

Installing KDE Connect

This KDE Connect guide will show you the connection between a Linux Distribution .

KDE Connect is a two way process.You have to install KDE Connect in your Linux distribution from Play Store.

Installing in Linux Distribution

It is easy to install KDE Connect in your Linux Distribution.

If you are using Ubuntu, run below.

sudo apt install kdeconnect

Arch Linux

pacman -S kdeconnect


sudo dnf install kdeconnect

Installing in an Android

Search for KDE Connect in Google Play Store and hit install.

Setting Up KDE Connect

KDE Connect helps to connect devices in the same network .

Now open the KDE Connect App on your phone.The name of your Linux System is shown on the screen.

KDE Connect in Android Device showing connected Linux System

KDE Connect in Android Device shows connected Linux system.

Open the KDE Connect in Linux and see your mobile phone entry.

KDE Connect before pairing

Now, hit Pair.

Tap on Accept.

Pairing Request for KDE Connect

The icon of your mobile phone and Linux system are both connected and paired.

KDE Connect after successful pairing

And the following features require explicit permission in your Android device manually.

SMS sending and receiving

Media Player Control

Receive Keystrokes from Computer to Mobile Phone

Notification Sync

Telephone Notifier

Contact Sync

Mouse Receiver

You can easily set up several features after giving proper permission.Once it is set up completely, you no longer have to look at your mobile phones.

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