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2021-06-16 记事WandbLogger

Table of Content


  • name (Optional[str]) – Display name for the run.

  • save_dir (Optional[str]) – Path where data is saved (wandb dir by default).

  • offline (Optional[bool]) – Run offline (data can be streamed later to wandb servers).

  • id (Optional[str]) – Sets the version, mainly used to resume a previous run.

  • version (Optional[str]) – Same as id.

  • anonymous (Optional[bool]) – Enables or explicitly disables anonymous logging.

  • project (Optional[str]) – The name of the project to which this run will belong.

  • log_model (Optional[bool]) – Save checkpoints in wandb dir to upload on W&B servers. 是否将模型上传到wandb,可以关掉用自己的本地存储就可以,不然的话100G很快会消耗没的

  • prefix (Optional[str]) – A string to put at the beginning of metric keys.

  • experiment – WandB experiment object. Automatically set when creating a run.

  • **kwargs – Arguments passed to wandb.init() like entity, group, tags, etc.

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