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UberDrupal is an installation profile designed to help you get a Drupal site running Ubercart up as quickly as possible. This installation profile will install the core Ubercart modules automatically, allow you to pre-configure some basic store information, and supports the automatic support and configuration of module packages for features like out of the box product image support. It also configures the Acquia Prosper theme and installs the Administration Menu module when present. Currently, it will provide demonstration catalog categories and products with an instructional front page (that lacks actual instruction) upon installation.
很简单大体就是说你能够通过UberDrupal快速的搭建一个电子商务类型的网站,你将能使用 Ubercart模块来搭建.Ubercart是一个drupal下的电子商务模块.
Install Drupal with the Acquia Prosper theme by Top Notch Themes and e-commerce functionality provided by Ubercart and other contributed modules.
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