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“Rotor banner模块Drupal下的轮番模块-Drupal每日一模块”

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drupal 可以实现图片轮播的方法有很多种,最傻瓜的方法应该是使用现成的模块。
* Content Glider – Another jQuery plugin for image slider, very easy to use.
* Rotor banner -The Rotor Banner module allows you to create blocks with ‘rotating’ content. This can be very useful for advertising or highlighting information.
* Dynamic display block – Enables you to create and present blocks of content in a dynamic and attractive way. Uses the jQuery Cycle Plug-in.
* Views Rotator – a Views style plugin using the Cycle jQuery plugin with a small number of options for controlling transition behaviour. Currently being merged into Views Cycle.
* Views Cycle – a Views style plugin using the Cycle jQuery plugin, with an option for tabs, several transition effect options and other transition behavior settings.
* Views Slideshow – a Views style plugin using jquery cycle. The Drupal 6-2.0 version is an extensible API that allows other cycles, rotators, and carousels to plug into the module, so they don’t need to recreate the Views functionality.
* Views Slideshow: Dynamic display block – a Views slideshow plugin which enables you to present slideshows in an attractive way.
* Views Slideshow: ImageFlow – offers an ImageFlow option to Views Slideshow, similar to Apple’s CoverFlow.
* Featured Content Slider – select nodes based on content type and create up to 3 blocks of featured content.
* Slider – create a “slider” content type with a multi-value nodereference field to create carousel-style sliders of the referenced nodes.
* Views Carousel – a Views style plugin using the jCarousel jQuery plugin for the rotation, suitable for e.g. a scrollable thumbnail viewer.
* Ajax Slideshow – Sequential presentation of any of the site nodes, using various effects. The slideshow is ajax-based which means the page load-time is agnostic to the amount of content included.
我先使用了Rotor banner 总的来说挺灵活的,功能也不错,可惜不能实现数字页码的形式,
还有依赖的模块太多了。( jquery_plugin, upload_element, views)
安装步骤,依次安装下载好依赖的模块与本模块后,在内容类型中会出现rotor item类型,接下来就可以,在发布文章选项中发布几篇rotor item类型的文章,其实就是每张图片的详细内容(包括标题内容alt项等等),然后到区块设置里找到rotor: Block 进行设置,把它放到想出现的地方,最后到views列表页面找到rotor并编辑,主要是编辑Basic settings 中的style选项Rotor,
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