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“Organic groups轻松打造Drupal小组Organic groups使用全过程”

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如今的web2.0浪潮实在令人心动,drupal具有强大的web2.0的特性,今天Napoler就和大家一起来分享下使用drupal Organic groups打造在线小组.
首先我们当然是需要到官网下载Organic groups模块,之后放到sites\all\modules目录下,然后到后台admin/build/modules下启用
6.x-2.1 Enable users to create and manage groups. OG Views integration module is recommended for best experience.
Required by: Organic groups access control (enabled), Organic groups actions (enabled), Organic Groups Notifications (disabled), Organic groups Views integration (disabled)
Organic groups access control 6.x-2.1 Enable access control for private posts and private groups.
Depends on: Organic groups (enabled)
Organic groups actions 6.x-2.1 Provides actions for use with Organic Groups and Trigger.
Depends on: Organic groups (enabled)
Organic Groups Notifications 6.x-2.1 Allows users to receive notifications and subscribe to group content.
Depends on: Organic groups (enabled), Notifications (missing), Notifications_content (missing), Notifications_lite (missing), Messaging (missing), Token (disabled)
Organic groups Views integration 6.x-2.1 Highly recommended.. Use Views to search and display organic groups.
Depends on: Organic groups (enabled), Views (disabled)

Organic groups

Specify how organic groups should treat nodes of this type. Nodes may behave as a group, as group posts, or may not participate in organic groups at all.

If the usage is standard group post, specify the number of groups the nodes of this type may be posted into. Leave blank for no limit.

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