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当你在网上编写文章时候,是不是时常会因一时的疏忽,导致敲了半天的内容灰飞烟灭?Napoler知道wordpress 是支持自动保存文章的,我曾经就不止一次的用wordperss恢复过文章,那如果我们使用的是drupal,难道就没有类似的模块了吗?答案是否定的,作为最佳开源cms 的drupal怎么会令你失望呢.今天Napoler就和大家分享一款自动保存内容的网站.
The autosave module automatically saves a snapshot of your content type form using AJAX. If the user’s browser or machine dies while editing a node; the edits will be presented to the user the next time they return to the node. The user may toggle back and forth between the last saved version and the version with the edits that were lost and select which of these they would like to continue with.
先到下载模块文件,放到 sites\all\modules./admin/build/modules启用AutoSave模块.模块很简单,不需要其他模块的.
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