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“AdSense[Google AdSense ]模块-Drupal每日推荐一模块”

Table of Content
这个 Google AdSense 模组让你可以在网站上显示GoogleAdSense广告,藉此赚点小钱。
This module provides web content providers with the means to earn revenue from visitors by displaying ads from Google AdSense™ advertising service on their sites.
The module is composed by the following sub-modules:
  • AdSense core: Common module stuff. Required, but useless without an ad generator module.
  • Managed ads: Ad generator that produces the same ad script code as currently generated by Google.
  • CSE Search: Generates a Custom Search Engine form and the results page.
  • Ads (old): Ad generator using the old script generated by Google upto 2008, but which is still supported by Google for displaying ads.
  • Search (old): Generates a Search form and the results page using the old method which allowed the user to select the domain being searched.
  • Revenue sharing (old): Enables the site owner to share the revenue between page authors in a configurable percentage. Only works with the old ad generator modules.
  • Click Tracking: tries to track clicks on the displayed ads, usually failing to do so.
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